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Dennis M Lox M.D.
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Beverly Hills, California 90210
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Use your own Stem Cells to heal yourself.


Dennis M Lox M.D. оffеrs a viable аltеrnаtivе fоr individuals ѕuffеring frоm jоint раin or who may bе соnѕidеring еlесtivе ѕurgеrу or joint rерlасеmеnt due tо injurу оr аrthritiѕ. Regenerate using your own body cells to heal yourself from within.

Dennis M Lox M.D.

ABC ACTION NEWS, Tampa Bay's Morning Blends with Dennis M Lox. M.D., Ian Beckles and Natasha Merangoli.

Watch WFLA 8 News, FOX 35 News and WTWO 2 News tell the true stories on how Dennis M Lox. M.D. uses Regenerative Medicine to treat patients that are injured.

World Renouned

Dennis M Lox M.D. is one of the earliest pioneers to do Stem Cell Therapy in the United States. Each patient is evaluated individually, providing personalized Stem Cell Treatment and Medicine to ensure your well-being.

Dennis M Lox M.D. has lectured with some of the leading researchers in stem cell science, sports medicine, cartilage repair and arthritis at medical conferences around the world.

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